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Hate getting your hands wet and dirty while washing dishes? These Soft Scrubber Silicone Cleaning Gloves will protect your hands and provide the most effective and deepest cleaning results!

These gloves come with an attached scrubber, which completely replaces brushes or sponges and cuts cleaning time by half. Soft & flexible silicone is super comfortable to wear and helps to deep clean every corner without scratching or damaging kitchenware and glass. Clean everything easier and faster than before with the Soft Scrubber Cleaning Gloves, while also protecting your hands from drying out from washing under hot water!


  • Multi-Purpose Cleaning: Great for cleaning your kitchen, dishes, bathroom, toilet, floors, cars, or even pets. Perfect for cleaning hard-to-reach areas.
  • Dense & Soft Bristles: Dense bristles are fast foaming to reduce the need for detergent. Bristles also increase friction force and easily get into every corner. With the soft brush, you don’t need to worry about damaging or scratching various surfaces.
  • More Hygienic Option: Use the silicone brush gloves to replace your old style brush or sponge to improve kitchen hygiene. No more bacteria, no more scratches, and no more residue.
  • Convenient and Easy: Super easy to clean. Just rinse with water or put it in the dishwasher. It will leave no residue and can even be sterilized with boiling water. Easy to store with hanging hole that allows you to hang them anywhere you want. 
  • Efficient and Reusable: No need to buy new brushes or sponges every week. Gloves are 100% reusable and fast foaming to save cleaning detergents as well.
  • Eco-Friendly Silicone: Made of environmentally-friendly, food grade silicone. Gloves are an SGS food safety verified silicone product, 100% safe for baby products & tableware. FDA-approved, BPA-free, and LFGB Standard.


  • Material: Food grade silicone
  • Size: 35.7 X 16.5cm
  • Colors: Pink, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, Teal, Black, Gray

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