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Bring images from your phone or tablet into real life with this Optical Image Drawing Kit!

This board projects a digital image into a drawing, painting or any other medium. It allows you to truly express your passions and desires, as you are given the opportunity to draw anything and everything you want. You will be able to draw on paper, fabric or wood.

The Optical Image Drawing Kit is simply ideal for turning the beautiful photo you saw on the internet into a clothing print, interior design piece and so much more!


  • Ease Of Use: Project image reflections on premium optical PMMA lens that allows you to draw on any opaque material like: paper, fabric, wood and much more.
  • Smart App: Download the app and you can convert the image to a sketch on premium optical PMMA lens so that you can draw on any opaque material like: paper, fabric, wood and much more.
  • Image Customization: The APP has multiple functions and can be used to make various custom adjustments to the image. You can import any image into the app, which realizes unlimited resources, network pictures and photos to become materials.
  • Self Expressing: Draw anything you want with this projector, as you are in full control of what you draw, how you draw and when you draw it.
  • Accessible & Creative: Art is a way to showcase your creativity through different artworks and designs. This board can be an important aspect in developing creative minds and in making art creation easily accessible to everyone.
  • Entertaining & Relaxing: Sketching is a common hobby associated with relaxing and calming your mind. It can effectively decrease depression and reduce anxiety.
  • For Everyone: Suitable for children, adults, comics/anime lovers, and those with 0 basic painting experience. Help develop hand-eye coordination and basic drawing skills.

How To Use:

  1. Insert your phone to the top of the holding rack.
  2. Place the mirror below in the given indent. 
  3. Choose an image you'd like to draw on your phone
  4. Insert paper or another material below the mirror, and start tracing. 


  • Material: Optical coated polymethyl methacrylate lens and ABS plastic
  • Product Size: 20.2 x 13.5 cm
  • Package Includes: 1 x Optical Image Drawing Board + 1 x Clamp

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