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Hex Shank Screw Remover Drills (5 PCS)

Hex Shank Screw Remover Drills (5 PCS)

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There are not much worse things to deal with in your home improvement projects than finding a busted, rusty, stripped screw that is impossible to get out.

It's during those times that you need the Hex Shank Screw Remover Drills, which are designed exclusively to remove stubborn screws by boring directly into the damaged heads of the screws, creating a tight fit and then reversing to screw it directly out of its bedding.


  • Made of high-impact steel
  • Self-starting with no need for pilot hole
  • Cobalt coated to reduce friction and run cooler
  • Designed to remove stubborn, rusted, stripped screws or bolts
  • Made with hex shanks to keep from slipping in your drill chuck.
  • Two-flute design gives you faster, smoother boring


  • Size: 8.85 x 66.2 x 94.97 mm
  • Surface treatment: Nickel plating
  • Post: 1/4 inch (6.35 mm) Hexagonal shank
Package Includes:
  • 5 x Screw drills of varying shapes and sizes