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Tired of having to unclog your sink or shower drain every other day from clumps of hair and products? Do costly and unhealthy chemical solutions offer only a temporary fix? Maintain a clean, debris-free drain with theMAGIC DRAIN DECLOGGER, a safe and inexpensive alternative to chemical drain cleaners! It will truly REVOLUTIONIZE the way you clean your drains!

TheMAGIC DRAIN DECLOGGER utilizesmore than 100 micro-hooks with a cutting-edge “hook and loop” technology to grab and hold hair instantly on contact. Unlike some of its inferior copycats, it won’t latch onto the drain itself or damage your pipes - it will only cling onto the culprit at hand: pesky hair clumps! The MAGIC DRAIN DECLOGGER also features a 360-degree rotating handleto make it incredibly easy to trap and remove clogs by turning! Super versatile, theMAGIC DRAIN DECLOGGER measures 18 inches in length and its thin design enables it to get into any type of drain, even ones covered by a metal covering with only the tiniest of holes! It will reach deep and navigate through curvy drains with ease.


  • Hook and loop technology will grab hair INSTANTLY in drains
  • Over 100+ micro-hooks to extend the full length of the 18th inch tool
  • Reusable and easy to clean with soap and water
  • Works with virtually any bathroom drain without disassembling


  • Materials: PP + ABS
  • Product length: approximately 63 cm



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